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Saturday 28th august

Wellington Heath Village are hosting their first 'Phoenix Festival' on Saturday 28th August

at Pool Piece  (play area opposite the pub).

 Many fun activities have been planned through out the day.

Here at The Farmers Arms we will be providing refreshments from 12pm with our BBQ fired up from 1pm - 8pm and an outdoor disco from 6pm

1pm - 8pm

BBQ @ The Farmers Arms


2pm - 3pm

Grand Teddy bear Hunt

Scarecrow Display


Beat the Bug

3.15 pm

Tug of War


Wheelbarrow with a Scarecrow Race


Decorated Hat / Favourite Hat Judging


Timber Singers

Prize Giving

6pm - 10pm

Outdoor Disco @ The Farmers Arms

Please be aware even though COVID restrictions have lifted, we are kindly asking people to still use our hand sanitisers upon arrival and before using the facilities.

We would also like to request that every body is to do a Covid test before joining in the festivities, out of respect for every one else and our event.

Lateral flow tests are available and free from all good pharmacies.

If you have a negative result please do come and join in, however if you have a positive result please stay at home and isolate.


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